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Focus on Evidence Based Practices

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing has more than 40 years of experience as a national thought leader advancing modern, research-based training, TA, and knowledge transfer activities on topics of behavioral health. The NCBH has designed, implemented, and evaluated over 1,500 initiatives to improve behavioral health practice at local, state, and national levels. The NCBH has trained staff at numerous organizations in domains of mental health literacy and appropriate interventions to address behavioral health challenges.

NCBH is focusing on Evidence-Based Practices Dissemination. This focus is led by Aaron Williams, MA and Haner Hernandez, Steering Committee.

Products and Resources from our Evidence Based Practice Team

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Peer Recovery Support: Evolving Roles and Settings: A Literature Review

The Peer Recovery CoE is pleased to share Peer Recovery Support: Evolving Roles and Settings: A Literature Review. Peers serve many roles in many settings. There is emerging research that explores the value of using peer recovery support services (PRSS) across these settings. This literature review was put together in an effort to gather all of the information into one place as well as identify gaps in order to make recommendations for the future. In it, you will find an overview of current settings utilizing peer recovery support services, key findings, and recommendations for future study. This information deepens our understanding of the peer roles, job functions, and tasks in a wide range of settings. The research is promising—and there is much more to do to grow PRSS further.










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