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Motivational Interviewing for HIV Clinicians: Supporting Behavior Change

The purpose of this introductory daylong training is to provide HIV clinicians (including, but not limited to physicians, dentists, nurses, and other allied medical staff, therapists and social workers, and counselors, specialists, and case managers) with a detailed overview of the use of Motivational Interviewing to support behavior change in HIV patients. The curriculum reviews the rationale of using Motivational Interviewing with this population including some of the evidence to support it’s use. The training then introduces the core foundations of Motivational Interviewing spirit and the core skills needed to do Motivational Interviewing. The curriculum reviews important aspects of the Motivational Interviewing spirit and helping style; reviews the essential skills in utilizing MI; several opportunities for skill practice are woven throughout the curriculum. 

MI for HIV Clinicians PowerPoint Presentation

MI for HIV Clinicians Trainer Guide

MI for HIV Clinicians Fact Sheet


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