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The Impact of Compassion Fatigue in Peer Support Work


The Impact of Compassion Fatigue in Peer Support Work
Please Note: This full-day training was not recorded due to the sensitive nature of the discussion
This one-day training is essential for the peer workforce. Compassion Fatigue is real and prevalent for those working in the human services field or any other role that is focused on caring for others. It is now considered an organizational contagion. Its insidious quality can corrode the individual’s emotional, mental, and physical health. It also can destroy relationships, family and career. If compassion fatigue is not recognized and addressed, it can lead to complete burnout. This training is essential for anyone working with vulnerable populations. Many people who have chosen to work in this field have experiential expertise in trauma. This elevates the risk for developing compassion fatigue. Compassion Fatigue can be detrimental to their emotional, physical, and mental health. Learn about the risks, symptoms, and solutions to keep you healthy and balanced while you help others. Don’t let the “cost of caring” take away the very reason you came into this field.
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