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Change Leader Academy - Integrating Peer Recovery Support Services - April 2022

4/5/2022 - 4/26/2022

Join the NIATx Change Leader Academy for tools you can immediately use to adapt and improve how you deliver recovery support services in your community. This 4-session virtual series will focus on how to use the NIATx process improvement model when integrating Peer Recovery Support Services into various settings. This is a live, interactive series - so come prepared to discuss the successes and challenges you've had integrating Peer Recovery Support Services in your organization!

Target Audience:
Recovery Community Organizations, as well as any organization that employs or wants to employ Peer Recovery Support Services

What is the NIATx Virtual Change Leader Academy (VCLA)?A live, Zoom-based training consisting of four sessions (90-min each) with practical peer discussions around the current challenges in delivering recovery support services and ideas/tools for adapting using the NIATx process improvement model. Click here for more on NIATx.

What is the NIATx model of process improvement?

A structured, team-based approach to change management that relies on the power of making small changes to improve your prevention efforts quickly.

This training is broken into four sessions and attendance is required for each.