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Implementing Peer Services in Warmline and Hotline Settings - Series

8/15/2022 - 9/1/2022

With the transition of the national suicide hotline, “988”, having begun in mid-July and the nationwide interest in implementing PRSS into warm and hotline positions, we would like to offer a large-scale opportunity for organizations and programs interested in doing so to access nuanced, peer-led trainings. In order to do so, the Peer Recovery Center of Excellence, in partnership with PeerPride, is offering a series of large and small-group opportunities to learn how to effectively and ethically implement peer services into warm and hotline programs. In complement to these opportunities, PeerPride will also host and offer an online resource hub for attendees to access on an ongoing basis. The goals of these offerings are to educate the workforce about how best to utilize PRSS in warm and hotline settings, offer concrete steps they can take to implement effective program policies to support utilizing PRSS, and to provide resources for participants to reference once the training series ends.

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