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Targeted Focus Areas

The Peer Recovery Center of Excellence is the first of its kind focused on providing direct training and technical assistance to the nation’s peer recovery support workforce and recovery communities. Peer recovery support services are vital to the recovery community. Peer support services can extend treatment beyond the treatment setting into everyday environments where people work and live. This is especially important because while people reach recovery through various pathways (support groups, medication, counseling, or faith communities to name a few), they sustain and maintain recovery in their communities and homes.

Recovery Community Organizations (RCOs) are local, grassroots organizations created by people in recovery to provide advocacy, support, and services. Together, the peer recovery workforce and RCOs play a vital role in supporting people with mental health and substance use disorders.

The Peer Recovery Center of Excellence will serve as a robust resource for the nation by:

Based on communications from our peer-led steering committee and others in the field, these four focus areas were identified. We will continue engaging the field, stakeholders and others to stay aware of pressing issues that arise on the ground to best provide support. For individualized requests, please submit a request through our TA request portal.