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Program Evaluation & Research Learning Exchange: Network Evaluation

Ever wonder about the connectivity, health, and results of your organizational collaboration or partnership? Network evaluation helps the evaluator measure the effectiveness of these relationships in working towards a common goal. In this session, we’ll discuss how you and your organization can incorporate network evaluation into your operations.

Program Evaluation & Research Learning Exchange: Culturally Relevant & Community-Based Evaluation

In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of designing and implementing evaluations that are culturally relevant to the people being served. In order to effectively design tools that collect useful information, it is essential that they are grounded in and informed by the community. We’ll not only outline why this is important, but also how […]

Program Evaluation & Research Learning Exchange: Multiple Pathways

Most of us have heard about, understand, and support multiple pathways to recovery. But are we incorporating this into our evaluations? How do we measure something so varied? In this session, we’ll discuss how to integrate multiple pathways into evaluations by engaging stakeholders involved in various pathways, prioritizing multiple pathways as a key program component, […]

Program Evaluation & Research Learning Exchange: Knowledge Exchange & Participant Presentations

We will be holding this session as open space for participants to share their experiences with evaluation and research. Folks will be able to discuss successes, challenges, and network with other participants. We will also use this time to discuss how the Learning Exchange is going and if there are any pieces that folks would […]

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