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Exploring the Role of Employers and Systems in Workforce Retention

The purpose of this training series is to provide peer recovery support specialist employers in a variety of settings with the opportunity to learn more about how their policies and procedures, organizational structures, partners, and systems in which they’re embedded play a role in retaining their PRSS staff. Historically, workforce retention has been focused on building workplaces that support wellness, centered on burnout and compassion fatigue. However, there has been a large gap regarding the role that employers and systems play in contributing to staff turnover and PRSS leaving the profession. Through small and large group trainings, as well as organization-specific TA, employers will be able to work with uniquely qualified experts from diverse professional backgrounds to build tools and skills to reshape their relationships with systems and adjust organizational policy in order to better retain their PRSS staff.

Please be aware that this training and TA series is not intended for individual PRSS. Rather, it is designed for programs or organizations that are committed to implementing concrete changes, including changes in policy and practices, over the next six months, designed to improve the retention of their PRSS staff. This training and TA series is designed for the facilitators to work with groups of staff from each organization, such as leadership staff, a program manager and administrator, etc.

Please note that this series is currently full and no longer accepting registrations. We will be running the series again, so keep an eye out for the application later this fall!


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