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Peer Recovery Center of Excellence Coordinating Center



The University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC) announced the launch of the SAMHSA-funded National Peer Recovery Center of Excellence (Peer Recovery CoE) in August of 2020. UMKC, in partnership with the University of Texas, University of Wisconsin–Madison, and the National Council for Behavioral Health, received funding to lead the Peer Recovery CoE—the first of its kind focused on providing direct training and technical assistance to the nation’s peer recovery support workforce and recovery communities.

The Peer Recovery CoE will serve as a robust resource for the nation by:

  • Building and strengthening the capacity of Recovery Community Organizations,
  • Integrating peer support workers into non-traditional health care and treatment settings such as (list examples here);
  • Enhancing the professionalization of peers through workforce development, and
  • Providing research- and practice-based resources and information to diverse stakeholders.

Focus on Peer Integration

UMKC is also focusing on integrating peer services into non-traditional settings. Peer support workers have lived experience and use their own recovery experiences to help others achieve and maintain recovery. Peer support services can extend treatment beyond the treatment setting into everyday environments where people work and live. This is especially important because while people reach recovery through various pathways (support groups, medication, counseling, or faith communities, to name a few), they sustain and maintain recovery in their communities and homes.

Peers can work in a range of settings, including recovery community centers, recovery residences, drug courts and other criminal justice settings, hospital emergency departments, child welfare agencies, homeless shelters, and behavioral health and primary care settings. In addition to providing the range of support encompassed in the peer role, they take an active role in outreach and engagement within these settings.

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