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Learning Collaborative - Recorded Sessions and Related Resourses


Essential Skills in Volunteer Management: Mobilizing the Power of the Recovery Community: A six-month learning collaborative for Recovery Community Organization leadership, volunteer coordinators, and/or lead volunteers looking for guidance on how to lead volunteer programs with purpose.

These recorded sessions are avialable as well as related handouts and presentation slides.

The Peer Recovery Center of Excellence in collaboration with the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators offered this unique learning experience to Recovery Community Organization (RCO) leaders. Proposed outcomes:

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Learning Collaborative - Session 1

: Capturing Volunteer Motivation and Conducting Effective Interviews
Understanding why people volunteer and how to tailor your interaction and your volunteer opportunities to embrace and support these motivational differences, is the focus of this module. We will also cover basic process and skills necessary to screen volunteers to quickly and effectively determine their volunteer motivation.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 2

: Designing Volunteer Positions
The design of volunteer positions affects ease of volunteer recruitment, volunteer satisfaction and the success of the volunteer program. This module focuses on how to design volunteer positions that will draw volunteers to your organization and create a well-organized volunteer program structure.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 3

: Managing Risk
This module explores how to identify, evaluate and manage risk as it relates to your volunteer program, from liability incidents to emergency situations. We will share how to diminish risks using preventive strategies and techniques, and what kinds of policies and procedures should be communicated to volunteers to manage risk factors.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 4

Topic: Recruiting Volunteers
This module helps an organization describe and identify the kind of people who will be the right volunteers and then develop ways to effectively reach potential volunteers with a compelling message.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 5

Topic: Supervising Volunteers
Effective volunteer efforts depend on effective direction and positive, constructive, timely supervision. This session covers what it takes to be a successful volunteer supervisor, and what an organization can do to support this key process.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 6

Topic: Positioning Your Volunteer Program for Success
Developing a successful volunteer program depends on a solid internal process and interaction with key management and staff. We will cover how to "vision" volunteer engagement success and build the internal relationships needed to make sure volunteer engagement supports organizational goals.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 7

Topic: Singing Your Praises...Measuring Your Impact
In this module, we will cover the conceptual framework and tools to help evaluate and track the impact of volunteerism.

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Learning Collaborative - Session 8

: Recognizing and Retaining Volunteers
Regardless of their motivation for volunteering, all volunteers need and deserve recognition and appreciation for their efforts. This module will explore formal and informal forms of volunteer recognition and essential guidelines to make sure efforts are on track. We will also cover what you can do as an organization to increase your ability to retain volunteers.

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The Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administrators (MAVA)is a global leader in meeting pressing community needs through effective and equitable engagement of volunteers. MAVA has embedded equity into internal structures and works with other organizations to dismantle structural racism in volunteer systems. A one of its kind organization, MAVA propels organizations and volunteer engagement professionals to maximum mission capacity through multiple services and programs.

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